Units of work

Complete packages for mini-topics: at least a week's worth of lesson plans, interactives, texts, images and supporting printables.

  • Sports Pitches - Scale, Area and Perimeter

    Sports Pitches - Scale, Area and Perimeter UNIT +

    A 7 session unit that uses sports pitches as a stimulus of investigating scale, area and perimeter, not only of rectangles but of irregular shapes, triangles and compound shapes.

    • 7 Lessons
    • 14 Activities
    • 6 Documents
  • Firework Maths

    Firework Maths UNIT +

    A set of five numeracy lessons with a firework theme. Covering data handling and numeracy objectives, they can be used in a pick and mix fashion.

    • 5 Lessons
    • 17 Activities
    • 11 Documents