Units of work

Complete packages for mini-topics: at least a week's worth of lesson plans, interactives, texts, images and supporting printables.

  • Number Steps - Up and Down in Multiple Steps

    Number Steps - Up and Down in Multiple Steps UNIT +

    A 6 session unit looking at patterns and relationships in number steps, specifically linking these to multiplication.

    • 6 Lessons
    • 13 Activities
    • 11 Documents
  • Sports Scientists

    Sports Scientists UNIT +

    This 7 lesson unit sets the pupils up as 'Sports Scientists'. They learn about measuring tools, units, reading scales and conversion in a series of practical tasks and investigations.

    • 7 Lessons
    • 16 Activities
    • 9 Documents
  • The National Sports Team - Shape and Space

    The National Sports Team - Shape and Space UNIT +

    A 6 lesson unit that uses a topic theme of a newly discovered island of sporting heroes that want to enter an international sporting event for the first time. The challenge is to use shape and space skills to design the island's national sporting identity.

    • 6 Lessons
    • 11 Activities
    • 17 Documents
  • Firework Numeracy

    Firework Numeracy UNIT +

    This unit is a collection of 5 numeracy lessons with a firework theme. Covering data handling, shape and space and numeracy objectives, they can be used in a pick and mix fashion.

    • 5 Lessons
    • 12 Activities
    • 12 Documents