Units of work

Complete packages for mini-topics: at least a week's worth of lesson plans, interactives, texts, images and supporting printables.

  • Traditional Tales - Telling a Good Tale

    Traditional Tales - Telling a Good Tale UNIT +

    A 10 lesson unit that looks at several familiar traditional stories that use a repeated pattern in their structure and language. Pupils go on to write their own event in an Anansi story, a traditional African folk tale.

    • 10 Lessons
    • 24 Activities
    • 19 Documents
  • Fantasy Stories

    Fantasy Stories UNIT +

    A 5 session unit that explores a story with a fantasy setting, focusing on planning, story structure and character description.

    • 5 Lessons
    • 16 Activities
    • 9 Documents
  • Firework Poetry

    Firework Poetry UNIT +

    A 4 lesson unit for KS1, looking at two poetry forms. Pupils build their vocabulary of onomatopoeic words and use interactive resources to make visual poems.

    • 4 Lessons
    • 5 Activities
    • 4 Documents
  • Firework Display Familiar Stories

    Firework Display Familiar Stories UNIT +

    A 5 lesson unit for KS1 about a child getting lost on Bonfire Night, focusing on writing in the 3rd person and extending from simple to compound sentence writing.

    • 5 Lessons
    • 9 Activities
    • 17 Documents