Money and Shopping

Money and Shopping

This series of lessons covers basic adding and counting on skills to make totals. It covers adding up multiple low cost items to gain a total cost and extends into working out change. It has an emphasis on investigation and exploration where pupils try different coin combinations and decide which is 'best'. A final extension lesson for older pupils practises multiplication, addition and difference in context.

  • Lesson 1

    Lesson 1 LESSON +

    Pupils revise their knowledge of the value of coins. They use counting on and addition to make totals with a variety of coins.

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  • Lesson 2

    Lesson 2 LESSON +

    Pupils explore different ways of paying and develop an understanding that there is a ‘best’ way to pay, i.e. with fewest coins.

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  • Lesson 3

    Lesson 3 LESSON +

    Pupils consolidate learning from the previous lessons using the interactive activity, ‘Best Way of Paying’. This is an optional lesson that needs access to computers for the pupils.

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  • Lesson 4

    Lesson 4 LESSON +

    Pupils practise calculating the total cost of a number of items, in the context of working out how much a mixed bag of sweets will cost.

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  • Lesson 5

    Lesson 5 LESSON +

    Pupils work with simple money values and focus on developing skills in reasoning and finding all possibilities (combinations), beginning to present solutions in an organised and systematic way.

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  • Lesson 6

    Lesson 6 LESSON +

    Pupils draw on their subtraction skills to find the difference using counting on, to calculate change. Pupils find how much change is owed and then select coins to match that value.

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  • Lesson 7

    Lesson 7 LESSON +

    Pupils practise multiplication, addition and difference in this optional additional lesson for older or more able pupils. Pupils choose types of fruit to buy within a given budget, then work out the change.

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