Firework Poetry

Firework Poetry

This unit is split into two sections, both based on building vocabulary to describe sensory experiences. Firstly, children will create a shape poem about fireworks, using onomatopoeic-type words. In the second part, having expanded their vocabulary, children will progress to making a simple acrostic poem using the word ‘FIREWORK’.

  • Lesson 1

    Lesson 1 LESSON +

    This lesson will use a video clip to stimulate ideas and memories of firework displays and then lead on to exploring words to represent sounds of fireworks. The visual presentation of poems will be explored, guided by the teacher.

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  • Lesson 2

    Lesson 2 LESSON +

    Using an interactive shape or “concrete” poem activity, pupils enter words that describe the sight and sound of fireworks. They change position, orientation, size, font and colour and apply animation effects to create a visual, animated, shape poem.

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  • Lesson 3

    Lesson 3 LESSON +

    Building on pupil’s exploration of using words to represent firework sounds, this lesson develops using all 5 senses to create words and phrases about a firework display. It will act as a foundation for pupils to write acrostic poems in the next session.

  • Lesson 4

    Lesson 4 LESSON +

    Pupils have been using the senses to describe fireworks, creating a bank of descriptive words and phrases. These will now be used as the basis for an acrostic poem.

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