Teaching packs

Open-ended, interactive resources that you can call upon to crack a concept. Think Number Squares, Letter Fans, Flash Cards...classroom resources at your fingertips!

  • Twelve Games of Christmas

    Twelve Games of Christmas PACK +

    Fun, festive and free interactive games to challenge and entertain your pupils - covering shape and space, calculation and data handling. For full instructions - plus teaching ideas for follow-up learning within the classroom - see the Teaching Notes document. (The resource opposite is Elf Sorter.)

    • 12 Activities
    • 1 Document
  • SHAPE - Catherine Wheels (4-7)

    SHAPE - Catherine Wheels (4-7) PACK +

    This pack focuses on 2D shapes, for a fun numeracy lesson with a firework theme. Below you will find a detailed lesson plan, plus both interactive and printable resources to support learning.

    • 11 Documents
    • 1 Activity
  • NUMBER - Firework Addition (4-7)

    NUMBER - Firework Addition (4-7) PACK +

    Focus on addition and counting on with these two firework-themed lessons. This pack contains complete lesson plans and resources for two fun numeracy lessons with a firework theme.

    • 3 Activities
    • 24 Documents
  • SHAPE - Firework Patterns (4-7)

    SHAPE - Firework Patterns (4-7) PACK +

    A firework-themed pack on patterns, sequencing and symmetry, with a detailed lesson plan and resources. Using an interactive firework display, pupils colour sequences of fireworks. They then complete or invent sequences on paper. Pupils may extend to make symmetrical patterns.

    • 8 Documents
    • 1 Activity
  • NUMBER - Number Lines and Squares Toolkit

    NUMBER - Number Lines and Squares Toolkit PACK +

    These classic tools have a multitude of uses - explore adding, difference,  multiplication and number patterns. 'Interactive Number Line' is ideal for starting to count on, count back and to explore number relationships. 'Buzzing Along a Number Line' helps further providing a visual aid to counting on and counting back. The Number Square enables more numbers to be seen, ideal for place value investigations. Resources can be personalised, allowing you to differentiate, setting different start and end points as well as varying the step.

    • 3 Activities
    • 8 Documents
  • NUMBER - Sharks and Fish Number Story

    NUMBER - Sharks and Fish Number Story PACK +

    This collection of activities puts addition and subtraction in context, providing props for little maths stories. They are great for pupil participation, either through a child telling the story, or acting as props themselves, in an active learning situation.  The first activity, Counting Fish, provides a very flexible tool for estimating, counting and comparing, as well as storytelling. The shark performs 'take away'!

    • 3 Activities
    • 3 Documents
  • MONEY - Getting Started

    MONEY - Getting Started PACK +

    These early money activities will help pupils recognise coins and move them towards totalling.  The lead resource is a simple matching activity. Further resources require totalling - either paying with coins to meet a total, or totalling the coins on the counter.  Finally Coin Comparisons and Piggy Bank are two teaching tools, useful for extending pupils with harder totalling activities. The price label sheets and record can be cut out to support coin and price matching activities.  To progress to the next level of coin activities, try our Money - Next Steps Pack.

    • 5 Activities
    • 5 Documents
  • DATA HANDLING - Fireworks (4-7)

    DATA HANDLING - Fireworks (4-7) PACK +

    This pack focuses on data handling, with a firework-themed lesson. Using an interactive firework display, pupils create a block graph based on the fireworks in the display. Pupils then create their own graphs or pictograms to present their own outcomes.

    • 8 Documents
    • 1 Activity
  • NUMBER - Interactive Dice Toolkit (4-7)

    NUMBER - Interactive Dice Toolkit (4-7) PACK +

    A collection of dice roll activities - ideal for quick interactive whiteboard starters.

    • 5 Activities
    • 2 Documents