Skill builders

Sets of lively practice games for whole-class starter individual use. Structured to provide tiny steps through core skills, including Mental calculations and Phonics.

  • Mental Calculations

    Mental Calculations SKILL +

    These are practice games for the 4 operators, at all levels of ability. Ideal for individual pupil use or as a whole class tool - as a warm-up or for teaching a specific calculation strategy. This is a fabulous bank of questions and games for increasing speed and accuracy in a fun context. Each stage of each game focuses on a very specific level of ability, starting with single-digit addition. All the game levels are supported by printable question banks and tracking/target setting sheets.

    • 84 Games
    • 108 Documents
  • Phonics

    Phonics SKILL +

    A comprehensive set of Phonics games for emerging readers of all abilities. These follow commonly accepted progressions through initial letters, digraphs, consonant patterns and alternative spellings and pronunciations. As a teacher, you can specify exactly which words you want to play with, choosing them from word groups organised by phonic features. The games are ideal as lesson starters or for pupils to play, individually or in small groups, at a stage that suits their ability.

    • 135 Games
    • 117 Documents
  • Spelling

    Spelling SKILL +

    This huge, comprehensive resource offers games for all the common spelling patterns, rules, exceptions and families. It draws from lists familiar to UK teachers including Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds, High Frequency Word Lists, Useful Word Lists. Each spelling list has either 7, 10, 15 or 20 words to learn, depending on age/complexity, and has supporting documents and games.

    • 56 Games
    • 49 Documents
  • Grammar and Punctuation, including Practice SPaG Tests

    Grammar and Punctuation, including Practice SPaG Tests SKILL +

    This section provides structured materials for giving pupils a strong grounding in grammar and punctuation. Ideal for SPaG preparation. As well as texts for analysis, the packs contain guides, assessment/practice exercises and writing tasks. Select the 9-11 age band to access the materials. Please look out for latest news, tweets or check here for updates and any new content.

    • 52 Games
    • 135 Documents