This year, the Jewish festival of lights is from 24th December to 1st January.

Why not explore our Hanukkah teaching packs? You'll find both interactives and printables - written at two levels to cater for varying ages and abilities.

Our differentiated information books give pupils details of Hanukkah's history and customs, ancient and modern. Use them as a base for further research - pupils can use the bespoke Hanukkah writing template to produce their own illustrated information texts.

Both packs have texts on the Story of the Maccabees with suggested related writing tasks.

Need an assembly on Hanukkah? We have a slideshow of images, plus accompanying scripts pitched at either KS1 or KS2, to introduce this important Jewish celebration.

Finally, who can resist an exciting game? Make your own 'dreidel' spinning tops, using our template, and hold a tournament!

Hanukkah RE / Assembly Pack - KS1

Hanukkah RE / Assembly Pack - KS2

"Chanukah is a cumulative spiritual process through which the total of thirty-six lights that are kindled grow to reveal the light of creation." Rabbi DovBer Pinson