Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year: Resources to inform, celebrate... and inspire creative writing.

Our Assembly packs are ideal for introducing this vibrant festival, with full assembly scripts and slideshow images. Also included are differentiated information books, plus both interactive and paper-based writing templates - making an ideal base for pupils’ own research and non-fiction writing tasks.

Assembly Pack KS1

Assembly Pack KS2


Chinese New Year and its associated mythology provide a rich seam to mine for writing topics at this time of year. We’ve collated a narrative teaching pack for each age group:

The Race (Ages 4-7)

This mini-unit has 7 fully planned lessons, handy printables and exciting interactive resources. Children explore personality traits through PSHE, then work cooperatively to plan and write their own animal fables, incorporating imaginative play and drama.

Folk Tales (Ages 7-9)

Pupils compare the Chinese folk tale ‘The Naming of the Years’ to another animal folk tale, ‘The Four Musicians of Bremen’, and go on to write their own story using the technique of anthropomorphism (endowing animals with human characteristics). We’ve included planning tools and a story structure checklist.

Celestial Animals (Ages 9-11)

This pack focuses on the legendary Chinese Celestial Animals. Each is attributed with particular strengths, making them a rich starting point for action/adventure type stories. Resources include images, story starters and planning grids.

FOR FUN! Chinese Zodiac Wheel

Find out your Chinese animal - simply enter your date of birth and spin our Zodiac wheel! Do you agree with the associated character traits?

This year, the festival of Chinese New Year starts on 28th January. The Year of the Monkey ends and the Year of the Rooster begins...