Word Segmenter Set 1

Word Segmenter Set 1 PLUS
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An activity to split whole words into their component sounds.

Set 1 uses words from satpin, through single letter graphemes, to double letter ends (ll,ss,ff,zz) and words starting qu.

Drag words onto the big segmenting box. Select different words using the settings button. The activity will loop through the words.

  • PHONICS - Phase 2 and 3 Master Pack

    PHONICS - Phase 2 and 3 Master Pack PACK +

    This pack collects some of our favourite teaching tools and practice activities, following the order of Phase 2 and the first part of Phase 3, Letters and Sounds. This includes short phonetically decodable words, using most common single letter graphemes as well as two-letter alternatives like ss, ll, zz. All words are CVC in form. The lead activity contains flash cards with words for each of the early phonemes. The alternative flash cards set mixes up real and fake words for reading. For the latter part of phase 3 (2 letter graphemes like ch, sh) and all of phase 4 (non-CVC words), click here

    • 12 Activities
    • 12 Documents
    • Ages 4-7