What's the Weather?

What's the Weather?
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An open-ended activity to support weather topics.

A tool to model today's weather and to open discussion on the topic. Ask pupils to suggest appropriate clothes for the characters. Lighten or darken the sky and choose wind strength, cloud cover, sun, rain, snow or storm.

  • WEATHER and SEASONS - Non-Fiction

    WEATHER and SEASONS - Non-Fiction PACK +

    This pack can be used year round but is perhaps best suited to a cold, wet or hot snap! The weather is explained in the context of the four seasons. Simply written information texts outline the changes in each season. Pupils could write in different genres: a newspaper article about extreme weather, a cyclical explanation of the year or an informative piece about one particular season. Also see our Familiar Settings Story Pack - Seasons and Weather

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    • 7 Documents
    • Ages 4-7