Patchwork Egg

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An Easter-themed activity for making a symmetrical pattern on an egg.

Make a repeating, symmetrical pattern using this simple template. Choose your repeating shape and line(s) of symmetry, then use the paintbrushes to fill in the shapes.

  • SHAPE - Easter Symmetry

    SHAPE - Easter Symmetry PACK +

    Easter is a great time to practise pattern and symmetry. These colourful resources are ideal for a creative, 'shape and space' mini-topic. The Egg Decorating Symmetry activity below is a FREE sample. Additional printables are split into two types: Crazy Symmetry Egg Creature cutouts, and a Patchwork Symmetry dice-roll game, where you colour in sections according to the dice number (differentiated sheets include either 1 line or 2 lines of symmetry).

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    • Ages 4-7