My Family

My Family
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Create a 'photo portrait' of family or friends by creating on-screen characters with labels.

Choose hair styles, clothes etc. A fun stimulus for talking about family and friends, similarities and differences. Also use the label feature to focus on keywords - choose words from the drop-down menu or type straight into the frame. Edit a label by dragging it on to the oval button at the top. The print-out from this activity is on a white background to save ink.

  • PSHE - Josh's Favourite Toy

    PSHE - Josh's Favourite Toy PACK +

    Josh's Favourite Toy contains a set of story-based activities. It is one of a series of PSHE packs, comprising both interactives and documents, that are designed to promote reflection and discussion around PSHE themes. The resources in this pack explore vocabulary for describing feelings, including loss, who to go to when worried and the special people in our lives. See the Teaching Notes below for lesson ideas and further details of the resources and the aims of the pack.

    • 6 Activities
    • 9 Documents
    • Ages 4-7