Interactive Number Line

Interactive Number Line PLUS
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A classic tool to explore adding, difference, multiplication and number patterns.

Choose the starting number, steps and length of number line to match the focus of your lesson. Hide, reveal and highlight digits to set a variety of problems for pupils to work out.

  • Number Steps - Up and Down in Multiple Steps

    Number Steps - Up and Down in Multiple Steps UNIT +

    A 6 session unit looking at patterns and relationships in number steps, specifically linking these to multiplication.

    • 6 Lessons
    • 13 Activities
    • 11 Documents
    • Ages 7-9
  • NUMBER - Number Lines and Squares Toolkit

    NUMBER - Number Lines and Squares Toolkit PACK +

    These classic tools have a multitude of uses - explore adding, difference,  multiplication and number patterns. 'Interactive Number Line' is ideal for starting to count on, count back and to explore number relationships. 'Buzzing Along a Number Line' helps further providing a visual aid to counting on and counting back. The Number Square enables more numbers to be seen, ideal for place value investigations. Resources can be personalised, allowing you to differentiate, setting different start and end points as well as varying the step.

    • 3 Activities
    • 8 Documents
    • Ages 4-7
  • NUMBER - Number Squares Toolkit

    NUMBER - Number Squares Toolkit PACK +

    A popular tool to explore number patterns, adding, difference and multiplication. Our Interactive Square has hide/show features as well as paintbrushes to splat patterns. It can now display with the starting number at either top or bottom, as well as allowing you to alter starting number and step. See the How To guide for how to personalise it further to fit your lesson. Our collection of Top Tips offer some great ideas for the classroom.

    • 2 Activities
    • 3 Documents
    • Ages 7-9