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An Easter-themed symmetry activity.

Decorate an egg with a symmetrical pattern. Alternatively decorate different shapes by selecting the buttons to the right. Choose your size of brush and coloured paintbrush then draw on the egg. If you have chosen to use the line of symmetry, the drawing will automatically be mirrored on the other side – an interesting effect that children will love!

  • SHAPE - Easter Symmetry

    SHAPE - Easter Symmetry PACK +

    Easter is a great time to practise pattern and symmetry. These colourful resources are ideal for a creative 'shape and space' mini-topic. Introduce the concept of symmetry with the 'Symmetrical Or Not?' activity (left). The three Easter-egg-based interactives below allow pupils to explore symmetrical patterns, with either 1 or 2 lines of symmetry. Additional printables are split into two types: Crazy Symmetry Egg Creature cutouts, and a Patchwork Symmetry dice-roll game, where pupils colour in sections according to the dice number (differentiated sheets include either 1 line or 2 lines of symmetry).

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    • Ages 4-7