Butterfly Lifecycle - Cyclical Sequencer (Simple)

Butterfly Lifecycle - Cyclical Sequencer (Simple) PLUS
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A themed, sequencing activity.

One of a set of TESiboard cyclical sequencing activities. Create and print a cyclical diagram of the lifecycle of a butterfly. Click each picture and read or listen to the explanation. Drag the pictures into the right order in the horizontal bar. Type in your own text using the pencil icon. You can switch back to the original text. Click the play button to rotate the images and see/hear the whole sequence.

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    This collection contains books and sequencing activities for the five lifecycles / reproduction cycles of: mammal (hedgehog), plant (sunflower), amphibian (frog), insect (butterfly) and bird (hen). See the Overview below for details of the resources. For texts and activities more suitable for older or more-able children click here.

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