Anansi and Tiger - Character Comparer

Anansi and Tiger - Character Comparer PLUS
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An activity to create character profiles, making comparisons between different characters and the part they play.

Make and print cards of characters from the story. Select the character and choose an appropriate expression. Write a character description by clicking on the text boxes, or make an activity by leaving them blank so that children can write their own text away from the computer. You can choose from free text or titles (e.g. strengths, weaknesses). Print out the cards and let the children mix and match them to inspire further story writing.

  • Traditional Tales - Telling a Good Tale

    Traditional Tales - Telling a Good Tale UNIT +

    A 10 lesson unit that looks at several familiar traditional stories that use a repeated pattern in their structure and language. Pupils go on to write their own event in an Anansi story, a traditional African folk tale.

    • 10 Lessons
    • 24 Activities
    • 19 Documents
    • Ages 4-7