About Easter - Information Book (Reading Level A)

About Easter - Information Book (Reading Level A)
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This basic text version of our About Easter book explains the traditions and practices of the Easter celebration.

Another version of this book is available with more complex text - suitable for older children. Further resources in our Easter Teaching Pack include the Bible story about the last days of Jesus' life, as well as writing templates, a comprehension quiz and research prompts.

  • Easter Assembly Pack KS2

    Easter Assembly Pack KS2 PACK +

    This non-fiction pack offers an 'About Easter' book, presented in both interactive and printable versions and at two different reading levels, plus supporting printables. You may choose to show pupils the Level A (basic) text, asking them to carry out further research using other sources. Additional printables include a copy of the Easter Bible Story, a Research Prompts sheet and an Easter comprehension quiz.

    • 2 Activities
    • 8 Documents
    • Ages 7-9