About Christmas - Interactive Writing Template

About Christmas - Interactive Writing Template PLUS
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An interactive template to write and illustrate your own information book about Christmas.

This resource includes scenes and objects to support writing about why and how Christmas is celebrated. We recommend that a pupil produces just one page, focusing on features of information writing and carrying out research to find relevant facts. Pupils could work in a team, pooling their efforts to make a complete, class book for one topic.

  • Christmas Assembly Pack KS2

    Christmas Assembly Pack KS2 PACK +

    This Christmas teaching pack for the KS2 age group is led by an interactive Comprehension Book - 'About Christmas'. Assembly materials for KS2 are below, comprising a full script and a PPT slideshow. The book opposite is a Reading Level B text, suitable for lower KS2. A higher level (C), with more detailed text, is below for older pupils. Both books include comprehension questions (also available separately in Word format below). We've also added in the Nativity Story (both interactive book and printable version) and a comprehension quiz. Also try our Christmas-themed maths games from our Twelve Games of Christmas Collection. For younger children, use our KS1 Christmas Assembly pack.

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