About Christmas - Comprehension Book (Reading Level A)

About Christmas - Comprehension Book (Reading Level A) PLUS
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Read about how and why Christmas is celebrated, then answer the quiz questions.

An interactive quiz book. This specific book contains information about Christmas and how and why it is celebrated. Pupils read the text and answer questions to check their understanding. 

  • Christmas Assembly Pack KS1

    Christmas Assembly Pack KS1 PACK +

    This is our Christmas teaching pack for the younger age group. It is led by two interactive Comprehension Books - 'The Nativity Story' and 'About Christmas'.  An additional, even simpler, version of the Christmas story - with audio support - is also included. [Note: this version excludes the Herod/Wise Men meeting.] Further interactives and printable resources are available for you to integrate into your work around this topical event. In addition, several games suitable for this age group are included, from our Twelve Games of Christmas Collection. (See the Overview of Resources document below.)

    • 14 Activities
    • 7 Documents
    • Ages 4-7