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Need to bring a topic to life?

Packs of interactive resources and printables, ranging from assembly materials to everyday tools. Perfect to crack a concept or secure a skill.

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Skill builders


Need differentiation?

Sets of lively practice games for whole-class or individual use. Structured to provide tiny steps through core skills, including Mental Calculations, Phonics and Spelling.

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Units of work


Looking for inspiration?

Complete units with detailed lesson plans, supported by interactives, texts, images and printables - ready-to-use topics to inspire your learners.

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News and updates

  • Black History Month

    Explore the history of Black Britain with these resource packs, produced especially for Black History Month. The resources take pupils through black British history, from Roman...

    on 28/09/15

  • Harvest Time

    Harvest resources for assemblies, plus non-fiction and narrative work. Our two assembly packs include differentiated information books on the topic of Harvest and Sukkot (the...

    on 17/09/15

  • Mastering Maths

    Looking for a maths progression built around fun and creativity? The brand new TES iboard Mastering Maths progression incorporates approaches that have been successful in the...

    on 24/08/15