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Looking for inspiration?

A complete teaching pack for a mini-topic: at least a week’s worth of lesson plans, interactive activities, texts and worksheets, images and supporting printables.

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Need differentiation?

Sets of lively practice games for whole class or individual use. These are structured to provide tiny steps through core skills, including Mental calculations and Phonics.

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Teaching packs


Need to bring a topic to life?

From topical teaching packs to everyday tools - interactive resources and photocopiables to crack a concept, secure a skill or transfer knowledge. Brilliant classroom resources at your fingertips!

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  • Happy Hanukkah!

    This year, the Jewish festival of lights is from 16th to 24th December. Try our Hanukkah teaching packs - with both interactives and printables - written at two levels, to cater...

    on 17/12/14

  • Christmas Learning

    Christmas is coming... ...so try our latest teaching packs, stuffed full of educational goodies for you and your pupils! Assemblies / RE Introduce the festival of Christmas to...

    on 27/11/14